24: The Jack Bauer Chronicles (Episode 3)



Season 8, Episode 3

Duncan: With all the traffic in LA, Jack needed the entire episode 3 to come back to CTU. So, Brad decided to skip that one in order to save some money… I know what you are thinking guys: «Even Hollywood can be cheap». I so hear you right now, but what can we do?

Random reader: I actually think that you skipped this one, because you are running out of ideas!

Duncan: I am what? Ok then… JACK!

Jack Bauer: Over here… Cleaning my gun… What’s wrong? You should better have a good excuse for this disturbance…

Duncan: I ‘ll be brief. Random reader = bad guy.

Jack Bauer: You mean the «dead random reader»

Dead random reader: NOOOOOOOO!

to be continued…



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