Britain’s got Talent! Seriously…


While the rest of the greek blogoshpere is lost in the vain swirl of politics, I’d like to take some time and comment on culture, grace, greek decay and british brilliancy. I am talking of course about the amazing english show “Britain’s got talent”, which ended a few days ago. And for those of you who didn’t have the time to watch it on TV or youtube, let me give you the heads up: The show had it all! From dancing and singing to instrumental soloing and idiotic cypriot parading!

Without further ado, let’s move on to the best contestants of the finals, separated by category:


First and foremost, my personal favourite and the winner of the competition, the street dancing group Diversity. (The choreography in that one, is simply from another planet).

Secondly, the equally gifted dance group Flawless. These guys, although totally amazing, made the rookie mistake to present their best show first. (Here, you can see their first and best performance).

Child power part 1. Meet Aidan Davis the boneless kid.


Susan Boyle! The reason why this woman doesn’t already have an international career, is only beacause her biggest enemy’s first name is Make and last name is Up.

Child power part 2. Shaheen Jafargholi. And yes, he’s singing live!


Julian Smith. Nice, simple and harmonically.


Stavros Fletley and son. The best for last! What’s Cyprus’ biggest talent? Well… see for yourself…



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