Top-20 TV-series of the ‘00 (Part 1: #20 –#11)

Even though the first decade of the third millenium hasn’t officially ended (It’s a common misconception that 2000 is the first year of this millenium while in fact it’s the last year of the previous one!), I won’t be a party pooper and I ll make my own top-20 list of my personal favorites TV shows of the ‘00!

In the list will only appear shows which were aired during at least one year of the current decade. (So for example “Twin Peaks”, “Seinfeld” or “The Black Adder” cannot be in the list while “The X-files” could)

So, without further ado, let the countdown start!

#20: Spongebob Square Pants


Why the show is OSOM: Let me put it this way. Spongebob does drugs. Lots of them! Otherwise, how would you explain the over-excitement of this yellow dude in the presence of an empty box alone? He must be constantly on crack or something! If you ‘ve ever watched this show stoned you would know what I am talking about. Spongebob is the biggest nightmare of all the moody people out there. And that’s why he’s OSOM!

#19: The Big Bang Theory


Why the show is OSOM: I was once told that TBBT was not funny because it is far-fetched and kind of silly. Being (inevitably) part of the nerdy community I have only one response to this statement: “The square root of a perfect square is the absolute value of the initial number” which can be loosely translated to: “You don’t have a f*****g clue what you ‘re talking about!”. Not only the characters of TBBT are not even close (thank god!) to the real hard core nerdy behaviour, they are at the same time funny as hell. The lower the emotional intelligence of Sheldon, the better the show. That’s why it’s OSOM!

#18: Two and a Half Men


Why the show is OSOM: It’s clever, cynical, immeasurably sexist and incredibly hot. (What do you mean, “How can sitcoms be hot”? Megan Fox made a cameo” appearance, for crying out loud!). On top of that the show has Berta (Conchata Ferrell), one of the best one liner characters ever appeared on a sitcom! That’s why it’s OSOM!

#17: Hustle


Why the show is OSOM: Well, when your main theme is about con artists who deceive wealthy but greedy people using sophisticated and totally absurd grifting methods, it’s hard not to be OSOM. Add to the blender, a spoon of british elegance, a cup of smart and well structured plots and a few pounds of incredible twists, and there you have it! An innovative and exciting TV-show for the cold winter nights! And that’s why it’s OSOM!

#16: Black Books

black books

Why the show is OSOM: He doesn’t care if you are a customer in his bookstore. You are annoying! He doesn’t give a crap if you make a vaild point. You are wrong! Stop talking because he ain’t listening anyway. You are a woman! In this show you will meet Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) the crankiest bookman in the planet. The most cynical bastard you will ever encounter. A man who drinks only one thing that starts with the letter “W” (Wine) and who puts in his mouth only one thing that starts with the letter “F” (Fag). A god damn funny son of a bitch! That’s why it’s OSOM!

#15: In Treatment

In treatment

Why the show is OSOM: Every episode is literally about two people (a shrink and a patient) that do nothing but talking to each other the whole time. And that’s it! No visual or sound effects, no music, no action, no weird camera takes, no fancy cinematography. No nothing! Not even hot chicks. Then why bother? Simply because the dialogues are beyond any expectations! Besides, if a completely “naked” show like this manages to keep you alert for half an hour then it’s either OSOM, or you need a shrink yourself! And although you might as well need one, the show is OSOM regardless! 

#14: 24


Why the show is OSOM: Do I really have to explain why? This blog has a separate section called the Jack Bauer’s Chronicles, for Jack Bauer’s sake! So no, I don’t think I have to explain why it’s OSOM!

#13: South Park


Why the show is OSOM: South Park is like Asian girls. You either love them wholeheartedly or you hate them to death. (Although if you do hate them you are either a mentally retarded guy or a pathologically envious bitch!) It leaves you with no other choice! This is by itself enough proof of the OSOMness of the show. However, South Park is more than that. South Park is about Cartman cooking Scott Tenorman’s parents, eating his own unerpants and demanding to “Respect his authoritah”, at the same time. Southpark is about Butters singing “Lou Lou Lou” in his courtyard, moments before he decides to become professor Chaos… And yes, Southpark is about Christopher Reeves drinking the juices of unborn fetuses just to be able to stand on his feet! (Seriously, how cool is that?) It’s weird, creepy, twisted but somehow still funny! That’s why it’s OSOM!  

#12: Nip/Tuck


Why the show is OSOM: According to if they ever asked the show “what it didn’t like about itself” then the answer would probably be something like: “The fact that I am a disturbingly perfect drama”. And while I may disagree with the word ‘perfect’ (See the #1 on my list for the only show that may deserve anythig close to that epithet), I can definitely give it the disturbing factor. This show can be so ‘disturbingly’ realistic at times, that occasionaly becomes painful to watch. And that’s why it’s OSOM!

#11: The Office

The Office

Why the show is OSOM: This show is on my list just because it proved me wrong! When I watched it for the first time, I was like: “What the hell was that? What’s the point?”. It took me two entire years before I gave the show a second chance and watched it again. And then I got it! The whole point of the show is that there’s none! (Except for the point of no other points, that is). It’s literally like a Samuel Becket’s play. You wait for something to happen but it never does. Only then, the pieces start to fall into place: The meaningless dialogues find meaning in their own emptiness, the awkward moments look surprisingly natural because somehow they were meant to happen and the brilliancy of Steve Carell (Bow please!) can be finally observed and enjoyed! This show took a brilliant idea from a gifted man (Ricky Gervais – Bow again please!) and transformed it into something even more exceptional! That’s why it’s OSOM!

to be continued here


8 Σχόλια

  1. Mpatzanakis said,

    Ιανουαρίου 7, 2010 στις 11:02 μμ

    Που να παρακολουθησεις το αγγλικο office. θα μεινεις!
    Παιζει αυτος που επαιζε και στο Extras, που ελπιζω να μπει…

  2. cosgr said,

    Ιανουαρίου 8, 2010 στις 1:27 πμ

    Αγγλικό Office με Ricky Gervais…όντος άπαιχτο.
    Επίσης (δεν ξέρω αν θα συμπεριληφθεί) αλλά και το ΙΤ Crowd είναι τρομερή σειρά.

  3. Duncan said,

    Ιανουαρίου 8, 2010 στις 2:55 πμ

    Το χω δει το Αγγλικό office. Αλλά οφείλω να ομολογήσω ότι δεν γέλασα όσο έχω γελάσει με το αμερικάνικο… O Gervais πάντως έδωσε ρέστα!

    To It Crowd δυστυχώς δεν το έχω δει ακόμα αλλά είναι στα «υπ’ όψιν»…

  4. Κώστας said,

    Ιανουαρίου 8, 2010 στις 10:16 πμ

    Τι να πούμε και εμείς εδώ κάτω φίλε Duncan με τις @@@ που μας «ταΐζουν»? Οι καλές σειρές να είναι 1-2 στη «Ελληνική» δεκαετία.
    Βλέπεις, εδώ μόνο 2 κανάλια κάνουν δικές του σειρές. Και τι κανάλια…

    Στα @@@ ότι θέλει ο καθένας. 😉

  5. Duncan said,

    Ιανουαρίου 8, 2010 στις 11:29 πμ

    Γι’ αυτό υπάρχει το internet! 😉

  6. Duncan said,

    Ιανουαρίου 12, 2010 στις 3:12 μμ

    Φίλε μου cosgr, είχες πολύ μεγάλο δίκιο για το IT Crowd! Η σειρά τα σπάει… Αυτοί οι Βρετανοί απλά δεν υπάρχουν!

  7. cosgr said,

    Ιανουαρίου 16, 2010 στις 3:30 πμ

    Εϊναι καταπληκτική σειρά και ελπίζω να συνεχιστεί. Πργματικά το χιούμορ τω Άγγλων είναι κάτι το διαφορετικό!

  8. jordan said,

    Μαΐου 25, 2010 στις 10:40 πμ

    couldnt be More true!


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