My top 5 favorite (recorded) live performances

5. Nightwish – Phantom of the Opera

From the incredible vocals and the stage performance, all the way to Tarja’s yellow mic and Marco’s signature beard, this is truly an epic cover. Over the top power metal at its finest!

4. Iced Earth – Blessed are you (alive in Athens) 

Most iced earth fans (myself included) miss Matt Burlow. And for a very good reason. This is an incredible performance with an unbelievable range that spans 4 octaves! 4:50 gets me every time. «Side by side…»

3. Nirvana – Where did you sleep last night 

Fuck you all, this is another brilliant cover of a Lead Belly song that was originally performed in the 40’s. Only Nirvana can capture blues essence like that, and turn it into grunge. I honestly thought Curt would break a vocal chord here…

2. Deep Purple – Child in Time

I know I am getting old because I watch this and I am like: «This is how people used to make music back in the day. No correcting technology. No vocal tuning. No BS»

1. Queen  – Bohemian Rhapsody 

The one and only ‘bringer of ballet to the masses’, once said in an interview that even though Bohemian Rhapsody is a good song, technically «Somebody to love» was better. Sorry Freddie, not even Queen can beat that one.




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