Day of Melodies/Moving in Circles

In the black Circle

Vague memories

From the day one

Relief and pain in my mirror

What have I become?


I just wanna feel

The horrifying void

Every inch of your existence

Why do you seem annoyed?


Moving in circles


Given up all hopes

Have forfeited all my prays

Cause the only truth

Lies in us and what remains


See you again

When I ‘m blind

Lose you again

At the cross of time


Moving in circles


I know we’ll meet again

It’s a loophole time created

Then be lost again

Our shadows will be faded


See you again

When I’ m blind

Lose you again

At the cross of time


Moving in circles


Olga, this song is my present for your birthday…

I am blessed to have known you for all these years!





2 Σχόλια

  1. Tatiana said,

    Μαΐου 20, 2009 στις 5:10 πμ


  2. Duncan said,

    Μαΐου 20, 2009 στις 11:18 πμ



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